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How can I order a detector?
You can send us an e-mail to sales @

Do you have viber, whatsup, messenger, line or skype?
Yes, they are connected to the mobile phone +30 6977 444 760

LRx range detector
What long range detector from the LRx series should I buy?
You should must see what your needs are and choose the right one.

What difference do the LR10, LR 100 and LR 200 models have?
All off them search for gold and give us the depth of the target. The LR10 is the smallest model of the series, it detects at short distance and depth, with low sensitivity and it is available with a general selection for gold. The LR 100 and LR 200 detect long distances and depth. The LR 100 features 6 gold detection options while the LR 200 features 3 gold detection options, 1 for silver, 1 for copper / brass / bronze and 1 for cavity. In addition regarding the choice of cavity, the LR 200 gives us the depth, length, width and the point with the maximum depth. Extra the LR 10 and LR 100 have one target confirmation and LR 200 has three target confirmations.

What are the programs?
They are the options of separation (disposal of unwanted targets). Each time the detector searches for the choice we have set on it.

What is target confirmation?
It's a choice of the programs of the detector that helps us dispose of minerals and interference from unwanted targets.

What are the blue antennas?
They are used when we want to search for a target in close proximity, without showing us the targets that are far away (eg, detecting on a field or inside an old house). They are available for the LR10 while they are optional for the LR100 and LR200

    Can we find the depth of the target?

Yes and the accuracy is 0 - 10 cm if the process is done properly (cave, tunnel, shelter, etc.)

Can we find the dimensions of a target in an underground cavity?
Yes, with great precision we can find the length, the width, the shape and the depth of the target.

In the cavity (cave, tunnel, shelter, etc.) can we find the deepest point of the cavity searching from above the ground?
Yes and with great precision.

Can they detect targets in the sea or in a lake?
Yes, if the operator is on a boat.

Use of LRx range detectors

Should my body have "energy" like the natural dowsers have so that I can work with the devices?
No it is not necessary.

Why does not the device works as well with my friend, as with me?
Every person has a different degree of sensitivity in his body. The more sensitive one has, the better, faster and farther the device will detect the targets.

How can I increase my sensitivity?
Daily work increases levels of sensitivity

Can I put it on a tripod in order for it to operate?
No, an operator needs to hold it.

How do I hold the device?
According to the instructions in the user manual

What success rate do I have?
You can have great success in finding a cavity. You have good percentage in finding metals and it depends on several factors. By using confirmation techniques, this percentage increases.

Regarding a target that I have found and I have found its depth what success rate do I have the target isbeing at point 0?
If the target is about 1 meter deep, you almost stand on top of it. If the target is at a greater depth then it may not be at point 0 but somewhere around it and the deviation increases depending on the depth.

Does it detect the target easier or harder depending on how many years it is buried?
It detects it much more easily from a long distance and depth if it has been buried for many years compared to a currently buried target. But if the body operator has good sensitive, he can easily detect it.

If a target that was buried was found by someone lucky, will the device indicate the point where the target was?
No, it does not indicate targets that have been found and taken away.

Does it detect ores?
Normally it does not detect ores. Since practically we can not eliminate all ores that exist all over the globe, we use various techniques described in the user manual to increase the success rate. Even if it initially detects ores, it will discard them when we follow the target confirmation procedure. If we want to detect ores, then only on LR 200 we can follow the 3rd confirmation procedure “Terra Gold Target ID”.

Does it detect rust?
Normally it does not detect rust. However, since rust is on the molecular detection matrix next to gold, rust may in a few cases take the place of gold and indication may falsely appear. Again, however, the device will reject the rust when we follow the target confirmation procedures.
If the gold pounds are in a wooden or metal box or in a jar, can the device detect them?
Yes it will detect them.

Multi-Px series devices

What applications do Multi-Px devices can be used for?
They are used in natural dowsing, electronic dowsing, radiosensitivity (radio-aesthesis) to make the operator more sensitive and at the same time discard false signals, rust and ores.

How do the Multi-P1 and Multi-P2 models differ?
P1 is used for all applications (dowsing, radiosensitivity, etc.) while P2 for gold and silver detection.
I work with double L rods, while my friend with a single rod and another man with a pendulum. Can it work with all of them?
Yes it works just as well with all the above and we use special adapters to connect the device to them.

I’m radioaesthetic and I work with my hands (somatoscopy). Can it work with me? How do I connect?
It can increase your radiosensitivity. It has special adapters which can connect it to your hands.

I make dowsing on a map and on a photo. Can it help me?
Yes it can quite help you.

What are applications that the device can help?
The Multi-P1 has countless applications. It can help in finding lost objects, in psychometry, in alternative medicine, in finding "energy" fields and knots, in dowsing, in finding water, etc.

Sending a successful story
If I send a success story about Terra Gold devices, will you publish my name?
No, there will only be two distinctive letters which you can choose if you want.

Safety Certificates - Markers

What markings do the LRx and Multi-Px series feature ?
They have CE and RoHS markings, according to European legislation. In addition they feature FCC (USA).

What do these labels mean?
The CE proves that the product has been tested and meets all European standards for safety, health and environmental protection and can be legally licensed in the European Union. The same applies to the FCC for the USA. The RoHS signifies that they do not contain hazardous substances.

Is it safe to use Terra Gold long range detectors?
Yes, because all Terra Gold series have CE markers and can be safely used.

Physical dowsing

What difference do the L rods have from a pendulum?
The pendulum can work in more detection applications.
Are the L rods or the pendulum only for treasure detection?
No, they can also be used in a variety of other applications, such as searching water, lost objects, energy fields and knots (Hartmann, Curry, Baenker, etc),or in alternative medicine, etc.

Should I hold something in my hand so that I can detect it?
Not necessarily. It depends on your detection technique. The technique when we hold something similar to the target in our hand it is called “technique with a witness”.

Should I have a case inside my pendulum to place a “witness”?
Not necessarily. You can hold the “witness” in your hand, otherwise the pendulum will be heavy and will not work properly

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