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I'm own a Terra Gold LR 200 and I will tell you what has been happening to me recently. I've learned the detector (LR 200) well, I can tell. I took my time, I also went to lands with burried targets for testing, everything was fine, I found them all.

I've been with the detector (LR 200) on several places where we thought it had something gold, without LR confirming it for us.

Sometimes we thought something was wrong and it wasn't working. After all, it (LR 200) didn't have anything in these places, where we would dig unfairly. Like many others who went before us and filled the place with holes.

Recently, an acquaintance invited me to go search a house of his he inherited, in a village. The house was one of those old ones with the stone walls. We went, entered the yard. I searched with LR and it pointed towards the house.

We went in, it (LR 200) led us to a wall under a wooden staircase. I measured it with the LR and it was wide target around 10 points (width).

I thought it was worth the effort and since the house was old and uninhabited and my acquaintance didn't mind either, we brought tools and opened it up. It made it difficult for us.

Not to mention, behind the stone that LR pointed towards at us was a small gap and we found an old cloth with 68 yellows (English gold pounds from WWII), a gold ring and a knife.

Our joy was such that our hearts did not stop beating. It feels so good to find yellow (gold pounds ) ones. I wish the same for everyone.



Once i was with company in the mountains to search for gold coins and when we started to get tired we saw a hunter coming towards us.
We started talking about hunting for lost treasures.

As we were talking he pulls a Terra Gold LR 200 out of his pocket, assembles it in front of us and starts prospecting for gold.
He soon tells us that the only good thing around here is the gold chain your friend wears around his neck.

The hunter bought the Terra Gold second handed for 200 euros, sent it to the dealership for an upgrade and learned how to work with it.

He told us at some point that they took him to a test area. He searched with the Terra Gold there at the site and after a while he showed the owner of the test area 2 spots where the device found gold. In one spot it was indeed the gold they had buried for testing, but the other spot was unknown to the owner. Out of curiosity they dug up and discovered a gold ring buried and of course the hunter kept it.


I own a Terra Gold LR 200, which I am very happy with.

I was invited to an estate to try out the LR 200 to see how it would fare. The owner told me he had buried gold 22 years ago in the soil. He has also buried a lot of ore and iron rust in various places. To this day, no matter how many devices have passed through the estate, no one has found the gold, but everything goes only to the ores and the iron rust.

I turned the device on, selected a frequency for gold and within minutes it locked in one direction. I walked about 150 meters and once I reached a certain point the LR 200 gave me the indication that I was above the target.

The owner of the estate got upset and told me I was the only one in years who found what he hid. He asked me not to take photographes and not to reveal the spot.

The target was 6 gold chains, 3 gold pounds and 1 gold ring. The LR 200 did not see the ores or iron rusts at all.

I want to add that I am puzzled by some who say the device only gets 100% soil cavities but doesn't do well on gold. I wonder if they are serious about it or even have spent time learning it.

Right now for me the LR 200 is the best device that has passed through my hands that finds gold.



I found a cavity with the Terra Gold LR 200 from 200 meters away in the middle of nowhere.
I had been there a long time ago, i had gotten the same indication, but I didn't have time to go into the wild forest to look for it. It was hunting season and i was scared because someone could shoot me accidentally.

Today I took a chance and followed the indiacation of the LR 200.
With program F6 Cavity, I found this cavity as you see.
It looks natural vertical cavity, 2.5 meters deep, it narrows and continues diagonally.

1 b_400_533_16777215_00_images_2.jpg 3


I have bought several long range detectors in the past and I have not been happy at all. The sellers told me at the time of purchase that their devices doing work well, but in the end they did nothing. I was always searching and finding iron rust, hot rocks and never found anything from gold or silver. In the end I thought it was all lies, none of them devices work.
An friend of mine had a Terra Gold LR 200 and I told him that none of them work and he'd better buy a metal detector for the same money. He insisted that the device was very good and suggested that I try it myself. At first I didn't want to, but in the end I said let's do it.

He showed me how to work it, I watched the videos, we did several tests together.
Revelation! The device...was working. Nothing to do with what I had bought so far. He hid gold coins, jewels from me and I found them easily. Unbelievable. He especially used to find easy the cavities. In the instructions I read that it finds a cavity up to 6 meters deep is not enough, in tests we did in a mine tunnel device searching where it goes and where it branches more than 20 meters high in the mountain...

We went to a testing area, which someone had next to his corral. He had buried gold, silver and copper around 35 years, at depths of 1.50 to 2 meters.
I hold the Terra and I start to searching. It searched and pointed me in a direction, I found in a short all the targets and I measured their depths with LR 200. The testing area owner confirmed my readings.

When I was looking for silver the LR 200 furthermore show me out of the testing area, and the owner told me he didn't know about it and that no one else had reported anything in 35 years.

My friend and I after the tests ended, we left from testing area and followed the line that the LR 200 show us. We walked quite a bit, about 800 meters away from where we were and entered in a forest.

We found the spot it was pointing us the LR 200 and measured the depth with it and the silver target was in 1 meter depth.

We had curiosity and we went back to the corral to get diggers. Finally, we found a silver coin with old Turkish writing...



Most of you may have experienced that if the target is inside a thick plastic closed container, it is difficult to detect either by the dowsing instruments (with physical radiesthesia) or by the electronic long range detectors.

An owner of the LR 200 did a test by placing gold coins into 3 different plastic containers which he then closed them, and all of which contained water. That is, both the target and the containers were in water. Each container floated in water and all together in a large plastic basin which he placed on a wooden table (placed on cement).

No matter how many tests it did from different angles and distances the LR 200 had no difficulty in detecting the gold coins.

LR 200: F2 option, factory sensitivity setting (1st orange led), detection with both black and blue antennas.



A friend of mine bought a Terra Gold LR 200 and the first day he received it from Greece he went to test it in the desert.

He set the option to detect gold and the LR 200 locked onto a direction, which it followed. When he arrived and found the target with the LR 200 he dug and discovered a ... and inside it were 27 pieces of gold Ottoman (Turkish) coins.

He made his discovery known to his friends. Then he traveled to a neighboring country and when he returned home, he found that it had been burgled and the Terra Gold LR 200 had been stolen…


I'm owner of a Terra Gold LR200.

I accepted an invitation to test it in a test-area and in which I was impressed that it had very hard ground.

There were 5 buried targets (copper, silver, gold and 2 others that were not reported by the test-area owner) at a depth of 1.20 meters and around 15 years burried.

Of these targets the LR 200 found the 3 of them without deviation (copper, silver, gold).

In the test there were several detectors from Greece and abroad which did not find any single target. Some were very expensive worth several thousand euros.

I'm writing this because you need to know the performance of your detectors before you go out to the field for searching. 


Having a piece of information, we went to some place on a mountain. We were equipped with Terra Gold LR 200 which was upgraded.
The detector led us to an old emplacement which was wrecked over the years and many soil layers were added to its ground.
We searched for gold with the F3 function and not a long later the detector locked a target. The depth indication was 2,40m. We adjust the detector to search for both silver and copper. This gave us two additional targets. Each target was 1m distant from the other.
We’ve got the depths of those two targets which was 50cm for the one and 70cm for the other.

At the end we preformed Terra Gold Target ID for each target and the detector confirmed them. Over the gold target we got the indication that it was an English pound.

First we centered and dug for the copper target and we found a big copper projectile which was 50cm long. The place was full of buried bullets as well...

We repeat the procedure for the silver target and we found a military form’s silver button ...

With a lot of agony we dug for the gold target.
Digging wasn’t easy cause to the long depth we had to reach and the ground’s hardness. furthermore there were many rocks and roots in the beginning.

After a tough effort we finally reached the 2 meter’s depth and we discovered a box which was made with something between copper and nickel, I couldn’t tell exactly. We opened it and found 30 golden English pounds. We measured the depth from the surface with a tape and to our surprise it was 2,20m!
We had centered exactly over the target.

3 successes at 3 different targets using LR 200!

 lires ga


We went to an area of interest for buried targets that many had gone through without finding anything.

We used Terra Gold LR 200 at functions for gold and silver without taking any feedback. On the copper it locked in a direction that we followed and after 1000 meters of walking, it took us to a hillside that was built at a random mismatched spot with stones. At the same point, LR 200 indicated a gap inside the ground.

We carefully removed the stones and we discovered an entrance from the backside. Using a rope and went down to a small cave at a depth of 4 meters. There we found 2 crates of bullets left there from the war.


I am another satisfied owner of Terra Gold LR 200. Before that I had bought many detectors, whatever was on the market. Disappointed with their performance. I was ether digging out rocks or nothing where they were showing something. I was starting to believe that a reliable detector was out of the question.

Once a friend introduced an LR (LR 200) to our company. I worked with it and it took me by surprise. The detector was responding very well. My hand wouldn't get tired either.

We tried it at the most cases where we had already gone with other detectors and end up digging for nothing. It showed absolutely nothing!!!

We went with the LR at a promising spot. Our grandfather told us that once mules left had the village loaded with lyres and when they arrived at the next village they were unloaded. That they had hid the load somewhere between the 2 villages. Many were looking at a wide area finding absolutely nothing.

We used LR and it pointed at a steam far away. We went and got down there following its signal. We walked a lot. LR led us to a small cave that was not visible. We found some useless and rusty stuff. Also, LR spotted 5 English gold coins...

We were the second to the spot, they probably had fallen from the lucky ones while they were carrying them. Who knows?


Few days ago I climb on the mountains and I passed through a ruined village. I did a search with the Terra Gold LR 200 in option F2 for gold.
LR 200 it locked on a target 5 meters near by me. I count half a meter a depth. I didn't the procedure for Target ID.
And I found this gold ring!

gold ring 

With the Terra Gold LR 200 with the blue antennas, I found from 300 meters away and below marble 150x50x40 and below that a stone 30x30 and below that another 20 centimeters soil, a coin of Otto. The Target ID was 70B and 11 3 / 4N.



A friend of mine had bought Terra Gold LR 200, but he couldn’t understand how to operate it.
He gave it to me and I went to the countryside in order to test it.

I performed several searches for gold, silver and copper. When in copper, it locked target and indicated a direction. Following that direction, the detector led me in a little while in front of a handmade carved rock with 3 vertical holes, finding a copper coin in one of them!
I don’t think that the coin was there by accident.

On another case I searched for silver and LR 200 found another silver coin.
It never locked on rust mistaking it as a good target. When searching for gold I use the F2 option. I’m confident to say that I liked a lot searching with the detector, which locks the targets normally.



Let me tell you what impressed me about Terra Gold Multi-P2
In one word: EXCELLENT!

It does what promises: it increases the signal, reduces the deviation (that every dowser faces), it reacts instantly and clearly as soon as it locks a target. Rocks or Hot Rocks don’t affect its sufficiency.
It upgraded the possibilities of all my equipment and also made me feel more confident as a dowser.

The bites I feel on my left hand, by the connection adapter, indicate that the tool functions and soon my delight will… erupt! I could say a lot about how nicely we matched etc, but I will only say one more thing and then I’m done: on a scale from 1 to 10 I rate it with 11!

The device fulfilled me as a dowser.

I did not buy Terra Gold from Mr. Fotiadis (I bought it second hand) and I have no benefit showing what I have found.
This is a sample of what will follow along the way. Sometimes I dug with no result, but nothing is perfect and I just tell you that with this device the Terra Gold LR 200, I found gold!!!
I don’t say big words, I dug 10 pits and I found gold in the three of them and if it sounds a big percentage, I tell you that my grandfather told me that if you do not try, you will not eat bread.


The underground cavity we found with the Terra Gold LR 200. Before we dug it, LR 200 showed us its dimensions (of cavity)...



I am sending you a customer soon my friend that will buy your Terra Gold LR-200 as I let him use my LR-200 for 2 weeks and
he is very impressed with its performance.
Especially we are very surprised that the cavity frequency actually works as claimed on your website.
We have tested this Cavity frequency on graves of buried animals and septic water tanks. Very amazing how you have figured out a frequency by
electronic circuitry for the caves and underground chambers!


I'm the owner of Terra Gold and I'll show you a verification that Terra Gold has made regarding the target depth
Terra Gold 200 found a small slit of 10-15 points in a limestone about 15 meters long.
In the depth control Terra showed 6 meters, then the ground was checked by an electric tomography device and it showed that the measures of the limestone were exactly the same as Terra showed without of course showing the slit because of its small size. You can tell me that I know it is actually a slit. The area is full of such limestones and occasionally many places have been dug and these phenomena are very common, and I know from my experience that when the slits are very small, it is impossible for the electrical survey to show them especially when they are in depth.
Whatever cavity test (caves, tunnels, wells, etc.) we made, Terra Gold was right and in the depths it was impeccable...


The left scale shows the depth and the top scale shows the length. On the left scale, we look at 6 meters and looking straight on the right below the 24 of the top scale we see the position of the limestone.


A few days ago someone who cultivates a field told me that as he was digging he found a pottery tube vertically into the ground and which seemed to go far into the ground. I went with my tools and the TERRA GOLD LR 200 and it turned around very quickly, like crazy above the pipe. I made measurements and found a gap of about 9 meters in length with a slight bend the middle and width under vacuum meter. We dug around the pipe and we found a plate in one meter depth. I sat in the center of the gap with TERRA and I saw the width again and we dug where the movement stopped. We found 3 rooms closed and the one next to the other, with concrete blocks of 75 cm wide and a height of 2 meters. At the point where the rooms finished we found a steel grate 30 x 30 cm...

Regardless of what the building is what it serves the machine is successful!

It is a great success because we dug the hole from the side and we found the wall with the first effort.

vk 1  vk 2  vk 3 vk 4
 vk 5  vk 6  vk 7  vk 8


However I want to say here publicly that I don’t change TERRA GOLD 200 with anything else because we found dishes with 24 carad gold in a friend's house. I always have it with me and the tests are 100% successful... I have not found anything unknown but I have found unknown cavities.



I am also a holder of Terra Gold LR 200 and I would also like to say what I’ve seen so far! Everything has to do with your hand. When you have a steady hand you do not miss the target with anything. I personally work with both hands. I do not know if this is wrong but I have results. Last month I worked in real conditions with really impressive results. I have done a lot of tests and not all of them have been successful, but I can say that 8 out of 10 times the machine showed the target. Even people who mocked it and considered it very “cheap” were convinced. The 3 out of 5 points where I went didn’t have anything because the treasure was taken (and of course the Terra was “dumb”).
We have confirmed with other machines that one point hides something but it is highly impossible to find it and we will go to the last point in a few days to confirm that there is a treasure the Terra finds the target from 200 meters away and of course to dig. I wanted to emphasize that in our last case Terra led us to the point accidentally. We stopped the car and just did a test with Terra just for fun believing that there is nothing around and wanting to see how it would react without a target. Because of the vegetation we couldn’t even see the building (old church). The machine is completely reliable and when you see all this you can believe it. It’s very good!! It’s worth every euro!

I hope everyone can manage to find something until Christmas to have better holidays!!


There was a small story success, of course, because obviously we arrived second we found. 2 pieces (gold coins) which were probably waiting for us. The remaining pieces some luckier people have taken. We were 2 operators of Terra Gold and we each worked using different options for gold. We had a negligible deviation from the target, the ground was soft with a few stones.  We went to the area after we received information about hidden treasure. At the beginning we also “caught” other targets, but after searching with the Terra at this point we found the two pieces. The Terra turned slowly over the target, it almost stopped and then it started turning again.

We have Terra 200 which we have tried and we are very satisfied with it.
We had a personal experience in an old house. I followed the Terra and it led me to the outer wall. The walls were made of stone of the old era.
The Terra always showed towards the wall at a point inside the house and at the same point on the wall outside the house. We had not understood this from the beginning.
When we confirmed it, we opened the wall and we found the coins. They were carefully hidden.
At the point of the wall where we went, we destroyed it from the top down to the bottom. Somewhere in the middle of the wall while we were taking a stone out of the wall we found a crypt full of coins. We did not change the sensitivity and the selection was set in position 2.

A few days ago someone called me to his mother's house to find lost pounds which his father who died had. His mother has a problem and forgets where she puts things. I went to his house with LR 200 in the large room which was a living room and there was a huge bookcase in it. I used the machine and it continually showed me somewhere in the room where there was a cupboard like a china cabinet ... I looked at the lower part of the cupboard. I asked him and he did not know what there was inside. We opened it and it had 30 old dishes with 24-karat gold around.

A few days ago I became the owner of a Terra LR 200 and my first impressions are very good.
In tests made around 30-40 meters with a surface target it caught the target with great accuracy! In buried target around 10 cm deep it caught the target immediately again. We continue the tests to get ready for big findings.
With Terra I spotted silver coins in a basement. The Terra however catches silver very easily!

In your third test the fact that it turned without locking anywhere means that in the area where you were it could not find a target, so in my opinion it was working very well. Since there was no target it could not lock on anything and that is why it showed nothing.

I can say my personal opinion since I have had one in my hands for fifteen days.
The first test was made in an apartment in the second floor. The Terra turned around in the setting for cavity. It makes sense since there is a gap underneath the apartments on the first floor. I had put a quantity of silver coins within the house and in the setting for silver it caught them normally and showed me the point where I had left them.
The second test was done in a two acres plot where there was an old building, just before the daylight fell. In the second setting F2 for gold the machine received a strong signal from the opposite side from where the house was, anywhere I went inside the plot.  When we asked the inheritor of the land he told me that there was a well at the place which the machine showed. After seeing the point that the machine showed I told my friend to search with a metal detector when he could, because we could not investigate the above point at that time since it was a residential area.

The third test was yesterday, Sunday at 12:00 noon on a large piece of land that belongs to my family and is about 800 acres. The conditions were not good because it was very damp and it was drizzling. The results were disappointing. I got a signal and when I turned to the other side I got another signal, when I turned east I got a third signal and generally the machine did not lock anywhere.  It was expected because of humidity and the drizzling as I was told when I talked with others. The tests will continue shortly...


If you do tests on “hot rock” - mineral - you will see that it changes direction since it does not catch “hot rock” - mineral.
The dowsing is not a shepherd’s crook, but it is Terraaa Golddddd !!!

Today they called me and asked me to take the Terra Gold in a test on a field owned by an old   Muslim man aged 82 years old. And they told me that if the machine caught the target they would really respect me. We arrived at the place of the test after an hour, because it's on a mountain.
Only a machine GPR worth 200,000 euro has found the point of the buried target until today according to their words.
Once we got off the car we assembled the Terra Gold and within seconds it showed the target. We made triangulation, and as we were walking we passed by the target, but it turned back and within seconds, it centered on the target.
At first the old man did not believe the Terra Gold LR 200 found the target within the first minute. It caught the target from 100-120 meters because the old man did not lead us close to the target.
So after that they really admired my machine and they told me to go somewhere they wanted. We went where they wanted and the result was positive.
PS. 'It was a nice test experience for me too, to see and go into a place of tests while I was told that no machine except one that costs 200,000 euro found this specific point.
The target was a cauldron of cast iron which the old man found some time ago.  After that he gold plated it and made the area a place for tests.
In Silver and Brass it did not show anything, it caught gold immediately. For us it was a good test. Now the old man also believes that Terra works perfectly.
God bless the old man with his tests. Again I will say TERRAAAAA GOLDDDDD !!!

I just want to say that for me Terra Gold is the best machine in the world.

Well  done

Well done!!!!!
Always have good luck!!!!!

Since I also have the machine it is one of the best around.
In any tests that I have made it is always correct. Even in tests I've done on targets that I did not know, that were hidden from friends I found them immediately without any difficulty.  The “hot rocks” - mineral is not detected at all.

The LR 200 seized the target, it centered on the target and when we saw that everything matched at all three frequencies we measured the depth and then we started digging.
These objects were found close to 1.05 -1,10m and of course when we saw that it centered on a target at all the three frequencies F1, F2, F3, we turn the machine in BRASS and SILVER to see what it will show us and since it starts searching we say that we are 100% over the target and we have something good.
These are simple things, but for us it is a powerful machine and it does work.
Let me tell you that those of you who are owners of Terra Gold do a test at home. Put gold coins or something gold on a wooden table and you will see that even on wood it catches gold and it is not affected by anything.
We have tried ourselves what we are talking about. We made extra tests above a “hot rock” -mineral.  Another test was made with a “hot rocks” - mineral buried with gold below it. The machine is not affected at all and it catches gold clearly.

The depth of 1.30m. and 600 meters distance is within the one of the easy things the TERRA GOLD can accomplish on condition that you understand how it works even in a small degree like all machines.
V.A.  Jan 22, 2014
I am glad that is true!!!! You do not sell it and I have it. It is very good in tests!!!!!! You give us courage with your results!!!!!!

In GOLD F1 and F2 frequencies the machine always turned counterclockwise in tests we did with gold coins and gold jewelry.
It also calculates depth even perfectly. I made this test to measure depth with the TERRA GOLD and achieved 100%. I made it with two brass rods and a bare cable. I put a rod over the target. The cable we have is 4 meters, so I stretch it and I put the other rod at 4 meters. You start from the target, you walk slowly and you head to the other side of the rod. When TERRA GOLD leaves the target it begins searching again, while you are directed to the other side, and when it catches the depth of the target it begins turning like crazy.

I absolutely recommend TERRA GOLD 200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The first finding today was from 600 meters.
The rest tomorrow
I have to say that the ring was found at a depth of 1.30 m.
I have to say that I put the LR 200 on a «hot rocks” - mineral -and it did not pay any attention to it.
I have to say that I insist on TERRA GOLD LR 200
From there on, we estimated that the ring should be in the 1.34 m. deep and it really was at 1.30 m. when we found it.
The machine may vary to 5-10 cm, but it gives you the depth of the target with great accuracy.
I started with the GOLD F3 and the sensitivity in the middle. After that I put the sensitivity up until the blue led and all detections led me to that point, then I put the GOLD F1, GOLD F2 and all the times it stabilized on a specific target and the result was this ring.
I wish you were with us and you would believe it. Now everything I say might seem excessive, perhaps foolish, but this is the reality. And the ring was found under a large stone which we broke. We worked there for 2 days and we found it.

N. I.
Hello from me, I became owner of Terra Gold LR 200 and I want to tell you what tests I have done until this moment  to get to the point to see results. I gathered whatever gold I and two of my friends had from 14-22 carats and I placed them under the ground. I removed 15 meters and I started training. 1 in 10 times it showed me the target, the third day the first 2 times it showed them to me and, then nothing. For 6 days it did not show anything, the seventh day I left the gold and I just sat over it and I waited for the machine to start turning clockwise. Not even two minutes passed and it started moving, I sat on top of the gold for 15 seconds to see if this just happened. NO it was not accidental!!! I went further for 6 meters and I started working. In two seconds it stabilized on the target. I raised it again and I looked in an another direction and LR 200 showed the target again in 2 seconds, I moved 5 meters, I raised the LR 200 again and in two seconds it turned to the target again. I went over the jewelry and it turned around. I removed 15 meters and I had no target. Probably I need to practice for a large distance.

The weather was 10 degrees Celsius. There were no clouds. The test was conducted with a mobile in the pocket. There were not electricity cables.

I would like to make a statement about the TERRA GOLD. When you go over gold target in tests it always turns counterclockwise to me at all frequencies for gold  GOLD F1-F3. When it catches something else it turns clockwise to me and if I change frequency it doesn’t detect the target. So I have very good and quick separation of targets.

Hello, I am a fan of Terra Gold LR 200, I've done a lot of testing and I was pleased. I tested it for cavity and I found 7 out of 7, a very good score... It catches all the cavities that actually exist it is OK.
I played with the TERRA today and I put the target at various points visible and in a while it showed them to me. And I thought to put a pound between the two antennas at the point where they fasten to the machine touching both antennas. It seems to me that not only it showed the target better but also faster!!!! Do you think it happened accidentally? Why don’t you that already have it, try it?

Hello everyone.
Five days ago someone called me to go to his fields. I went there and he told me to look whether there is something in it. After a long time the machine guided me somewhere. I did triangulation and squaring and said “Buddy there is something here” . He went crazy, the day before he had brought a dowser and he showed him the same point. He started digging 3x3 meters. I went back with my TERRA and it rang at the west side above the pit. Inside it turned towards the western wall. We made the hole bigger we found nothing, we put local Garret 2500 pro, we did not have an indication. The TERRA showed us the western wall from the inside again. When I went over the western wall it moved quickly like a helicopter in all three frequencies. In the other two (silver, copper) it showed nothing.
Today the dowser came, I saw him for the first time. Both of the rods showed him the middle west side after making circles.

The machine showed me only west and on the wall. I descended the ladder to the bottom almost 2,3m and the machine showed west steadily, I called the dowser to see what the TERRA can do. He came over the hole and sat on the east.
Suddenly the machine turned towards him many times and I asked him if he had something on him. And he told me that he had one pound.
I went up then and I searched again and the machine indicated west over the wall and no longer turned towards him ...

From today's testing at several points with rocks and old tiles (you know, those which love the pulse) it was completely mute in gold operation. I can say that I was pleased enough, in such places both dowsers and several machines have a big problem.
In tests for finding cavity of underground, and copper it managed very well!!!!
I did extensive testing in cavities these days,  I saw that when I hide north with my body, the response is immediate, as opposed to when I have my back in the south ...

Good morning.  After tests I did with the LR200 it responded positively and easily to jewelry, copper, empty land and cavity.
Concerning gold coins I did not have the luxury to do tests. It is a very good machine, it gets the target 100% in my experiments.
As with any tool it needs very good practice and experimentation.

I recently became owner of the machine.
And for our good luck we got a small job, an effort to find several gold coins. I think a large percentage of success is due to the machine and the rest due to the information and luck.
The machine was used by two operators, we worked with the method of squaring and we both found the center of the target. Then the LR 200 began to turn crazily, for me clockwise and for the other operator counterclockwise.
The target was 22 carat gold sovereigns and so we worked with the Gold F2 sensitivity preset that the machine had. In setting Gold F1 the machine caught the target, but it did not have the strength and energy to turn as fast as in the Gold F2 sensitivity.
Also it worked in a cavity in a tunnel. The results were surprisingly perfect, it presented the tunnel to us showing its width and length.
When you do research also use the F5 program (Brass) which is for brass. We have tested that in pots.

It is a good investment in which I believe it is worth investing, I do not know what you say since I also read negative comments about how it works and what it does, but all I know is that I saw it working and it does its job. You need a little luck of course regarding the exploitation of the information you have.
The ultimate machine for finding gold never existed nor exists since there is a plurality of machines, but all together they increase the success rate in finding what you are informed about.

And the funny thing was that during my life I blamed the spacers (LR detectors) and dowsing and what you make fun of can become true for you and it sometimes turns positive for you.
Conclusion: Terra Gold is simple to use, it is quick in its assembly, it fits in a pocket, it does not give aim to attendees and for me it does its job. Good luck my friends.

I tried the Terra Gold LR 200 against the wind and it works fine. It works against the wind and you understand it.
With outdoor temperature 35-36 degrees Celsius it showed me the target from 200 metres away. I found a gold ring which was under a large stone buried in half a metre down. It works just fine in the heat.
In tests I find the cavity of the soil with closed eyes. Also I find copper very quickly.
The LR 200 immediately found gold jewelry for me next to 20 tons of rusty iron, old sheets of metal and aluminum, without being affected by them.

A friend hid 10 gold coins in a napkin wrapped with insulating tape in his garden. There were many metal objects in the garden. When I used the Terra Gold, it showed me the point with triangulation and then with squaring method, I found its center and of course the gold coins without any difficulty.
It is an excellent machine and I recommend it.
Personally I've taken it for three days for testing jewelry and it finds them immediately. Also I have taken it in testing cavity and it finds it immediately again.
I need further tests to understand the machine better. With a little practice I will have the best results.
A test on a mountain with full “hot rocks” - minerals - did not show anything.


Yesterday I bought the Terra Gold LR 200. At first sight it is very light, which makes it more sensitive, it is very simple to operate and one thing I found is that when you change position, if you switch it off and on again you get better results. As far as sensitivity is concerned I believe that the lower it is the clearer the signals are.

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