L rods precision

Handmade L rods, drive precision (with bearings) for dowsing...

General Description

Handmade L rods, drive precision (with bearings) for dowsing.

The detection is done by moving the rod. Using two L rods the detection is done by using of the junction rods.

They have plugs on the handlebars and they can optionally be used in pairs of two rods for electronic dowsing with long range locators.

The mysterious art of dowsing can locate everything: lost items or buried treasures, you can locate energy flows, underground streams, water, minerals or precious metals in the earth. Our L rods is the most powerful screening tool that you can imagine. It is unbelievable where it can lead you if you banish your disbelief. Simple and easy to use it, can be used both for domestic and professional use. Will guide you with great sensitivity and accuracy and it will bring you much closer to your goal.

The distance
and depth depend on the operator's skills.

It is designed and build in the European Union.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum depth and a maximum distance: it depend on the size of the target and the conductivity of the user.
  • Length: antenna 42 cm / 16,5 in - handle 12 cm / 4,7 in
  • Material: Brass
  • Instructions: English

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Made in European Union

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