Terra Gold Multi-P2

Terra Gold Multi-P2 is an innovative, best and reliable auxiliary device for electronic and physical dowsing in the world...

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General Description

The Terra Gold® MULTI-P2 is an advanced electronic device that helps an operator in the classical (physical) and the electronic dowsing.

The signal of the device leaks the dowsing instruments used by the operator making the detection more sensitive and more precise. Depending on how sensitive a person is in radiaesthesis, he can capture from subtle to strong signals with the dowsing instrument used. The device supports the operator's ability so that he receives these signals louder, immediately and clearly.
It can help beginners or advanced dowsers to detect objects at a greater distance and depth.

If the dowsing / radiosensorily rod or L rods or pendulum, etc. used in electronic dowsing, but it don't connected with its electronic device, it can be connected to the Multi-Px. They can conected by adapters.

It functions like the MULTI P1 but has additional options for detection of gold and silver and can work with dowsing instruments used by the operator in classical dowsing and also in electronic dowsing working additively to the long range detector.

The device is compatible with all dowsing instruments and uses adapters for connection with them or with the operator. It is 100% compatible with all series of Terra Gold®.

Compact robust design, small in size, easily transportable and lightweight.

The Terra Gold® Multi-P2 is build featuring  the latest microprocessor and component technology with low power consumption for extended use on the search field. It's probably, the most effective and easy to use long range device for electronic dowsing on the market today.

 The On/Off switch, that turns on and shuts off  the detector,  has also corresponding led indicators thus  providing  protection against potential accidental wrong selection.

It is designed and built in the Greece (European Union) with highest quality standards and European health and safety standards.

We provide full service and support.

Technical Specifications

CE   FCC   rohs

CE mark - European Conformity
FCC mark - USA Federal Communications Commission
Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances

  • Compact design
  • Tactile keys: with corresponding led indicators
  • Select: Option 2 frequency presets: gold, silver
  • Batt. test: voltage with led indicator, 3 positions
  • Microprocessor
  • Relative humidity: 95% maximum
  • Operating Temperature: -10° to 50° C / 14° to 122° F
  • Battery: 1 x 9V alkaline
  • Operation: 12-16 hours with 9V alkaline
  • Parts: Main unit, cables
  • Main unit: 12 x 34 x 28 cm / 4,72 x 13,39 x 11 in
  • Weight without battery: 100 grams /  3,53 oz
  • Instructions: English, Greek
  • Warranty: 24 months



yes included  no

 not included 

                Delivery packaging
Terra Gold® Multi-P2 yes
2 RCA cables yes
Contact adapter with RCA connector no
RCA to crocodile adapter no
RCA to big crocodile adapter no
Special grounding cable no
Battery Alkaline 9V yes
User Manual yes
Warranty (years) 2

 The adapters are available at extra cost.


The adapters are available at extra cost.

  • Contact adapter with RCA connector
  • Contact adapter with RCA connector with Special grounding cable
  • Adapter RCA to crocodile
  • Adapter RCA to big crocodile

 In "Contact adapter with RCA connector" the strap is anti-allergy and it has marked with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class II.



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